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Telephone Calls: Due to numerous fake-calls within the last weeks I will not call back unknown numbers unless you leave me a personal message on tape or send a text message. Sorry and thank you for your understanding!


My personal attitude to massage:

Due to my long lasting experience with classical massage I gained a good feeling for physical conditions, which often reflect mental problems. Together with my client I try to find out the individually best-fitting method to reach the desired effect. Therefore I avoid any “ready-made” scheme of treatment.

The combination of one of the classic massage-techniques with Cranial Works has often turned out to be a good combination, because it is an all-around method of treatment. We access a problem from different perspectives and this works equally on physical and mental level.

Please keep in mind that Cranial Works does not substitute any medical diagnosis and treatment. Please clarify all severe disorders with your medical doctor.


The techniques:


Classic Massage

improves blood circulation in that course metabolism. Tissue, skin and muscles will be better provided with oxygen and nutrient and the metabolic process will be improved. The muscles will relax. The rhythmic massage-grips have a soothing effect on the nerves. Classic Massage is one of the most common methods to prevent and avoid health problems caused by stress and profession-bound unilateral strain.

 Classic Massage

  • works against muscular tension and therefore also prevents tension caused headaches, neck-, shoulder- and back-pain
  • useful after hard sports training
  • against muscle-caused pain in joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, …)



Lymphatic Drainage  (a per Dr. Vodder)

is a soft and rhythmic treatment improving the lymphatic circulation, the lymph can drain more easily. The technique activates lymph nodes and the edemas can be avoided or reduced. Lymphatic Drainage has a soothing, draining and also pain-reducing effect.

Women in first line but men, too, know well the problem of swollen legs after long time sitting or the influence of warmth. They seem to be very heavy and the skin  and the skin strains. Or you have to fight tear sacs. Then Lymphatic Drainage may of good use for you.

Lymphatic Drainage

  • works against edemas 
  • improves lymphatic circulation, activates lymph nodes
  • strengthens the immune system
  • reduces the effects of stress
  • has a soothing effect upon migraine and headaches
  • good treatment after blunt traumata, injuries and surgeries 

For know Lymphatic Drainage only available in the ordination of Dr. Breithofer.  




Reflexology is based on the idea that each organ or body part has it’s corresponding area on the sole or back of the feet. Stimulating the respective zone through massage it influences the organ. Such zones can also be found on the palms.

Often structural mutations and hardening within the tissue. These are caused by crystalline concretion of uric acid and other metabolites which can not be removed due to less blood circulation. The modern way of life reduces the natural massage of the soles caused by walking barefooted.

There is a reciprocal effect between organ and reflex zone. Any kind of mutation in the organ will make the reflex-zone more sensitive.

Beside all medical us reflexology is often felt to be very pleasant and relaxing and also has a good influence on babies and little children by means of calming down and relaxing.


reflexology is used acute and chronic strain of the motoric system

  • acute and chronic strain of the genito-urinary system *
  • malfunctions at the breathing and coronary system *
  • symptoms of indigestion *
  • to ease period cramps

* in support of medical treatment

Reflexology is not (yet) scientifically proven. The assumed connection between feet and organs is not anatomically evident. So this technique is just experience based and for the moment can only be declared by the assumed reciprocal effect.



Kinesiologic Taping

Additionally, I offer the application of Kinesiologic Tapes for problems with muscles. This technique also supports and deepens the effect of the massage and lightens muscular problems as well as problems with fibres and ligaments.

Muscle-taping is also a stand-alone technique which may be useful in periods of lack of time or acute situations.



Cranial Works

Cranial Works is a soft and at the same time deeply effective manual technique which has an equalizing and harmonizing effect on all physical and emotional levels. It is essentially based on knowledge taken from cranial osteopathy.

The practitioner works with soft pressure of his hands all over the body with focus on the pulsar system of the fluid within the brain and the spinal cord (“liquor”), on the head (“cranium”) and the spine down to the sacral bone.

With our hands we “listen to the stories” the body tells us. Cranial Works has its focus not only on the symptom (for example headache), it orientates itself on the structure of the whole body.

Cranial works is suitable for any age!


Cranial Works has a soothing effect …

on physical level:

  • After accidents and surgeries
  • Blocked and aching joints
  • Headache / Migraine
  • Chronic  pain without pathologic evidence
  • Sight-disorders / auditory defects
  • Back-pain
  • Hormonal disorders

I see my personal focus in this field.


Problems caused by exhaustion and stress as well as physical consequences of mental stress often diminish during or after a cranio-session to an astonishing extent. Quite often other grueling common medical conditions like sleeping disorders or swindle a.o. are vanishing parallel.

on emotional level:

  • Stress and it’s consequences
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Processes of personal changes (e.g. divorce, …)
  • For deep relaxation
  • Against chronic tiredness
  • Emotional traumas which became manifest  in a physical way
  • Preventively to stay well and remain in inner balance



I about myself


My name is Regina Adler, born in 1966, mother of two children.

After nearly 20 years performing massage as my second job I now decided to make my job what I regard to be my personal mission.


Consecutively further techniques followed: lymphatic drainage, reflex zone massage and also one in acupunctural massage. 

 At some time I noticed that my hands started to “think by themselves” and told me things before I could notice them consciously. So I started to look for a technique to use this ability in a structured way and further on became a convinced Cranio-Sacral practitioner.

I am very fond of this technique because it becomes effective in areas quite different to all my other techniques and I feel that together with my client I can move forward a lot and sometimes even open up new ways. Often the deep relaxation and release of physical and emotional blockades usually show an astonishing effect.

Since October 1, 2015 I have my own massage-business.   




For a session Tue whole day and Thu afternoon

please come to the ordination of  

Dr. Renate Breithofer  

Medical Practitioner

Kagranerplatz 39

1220 Wien


The remaining time  I am available at 2103 Langenzersdorf (no treatments on Saturday and Sunday)




duration of the treatment as agreed on


30 minutes: EUR 31,00

45 minutes: EUR 45,00

60 minutes: EUR 58,00


Only cash payment or bank transfer possible, no card payments.

Please note that privat health insurance companies will accept my invoices for refund. Austrian state insurances (ÖGK, SVS, BVA, ...) unfortunately do not.



The easiest way to reach me is by email through the contact-form below or via email: kontakt(at)

By mobile phone: +43 699 10124267

Looking forward to your call / email.


Advance appointment by mail, whats app or telephone is necessary!

Due to continuous fake-calls please leave me a voice or short message, so I know I can trust to call you back.


What else? – links to my contacts and personal friends


                                                                                                 (c) Harald Pesata

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